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My page on wiki

Below are links to material on perl lectures I gave.


In a previous meeting I spoke about reading a BMP image and writing an HTML file.

The HTML file was full of small letters, each representing a pixel in the original image. zip file with all the examples.

Compiling perl scripts

Install perl on windows (from active_state) and perl2exe. Perl2exe works well in it's shareware version, but if you insist there is something about a crack in here but you didn't hear it from me.

Building GUI with Perl/Tk

Tk toolkit simple example:

   use Tk;
   my $mw = MainWindow->new;
   $mw->Label(-text => 'Hello, world!')->pack;
   $mw->Button(  -text    => 'Quit',  -command => sub { exit },  )->pack;

pTk (Portable) - independent of tcl -> perl5 wrapper -> Tix - more widgets (baloons, grid...) --> into Perl/Tk

Tutorial on Perl/Tk, Documentation (, and try typing "widget" on the command line.

Instead of writing all this code try

  • specperl - SpecTCL was originally written for tcl, but later supported other languages.

Saves files as *.ui which can be converted to .pl

  • Zooz which was written in perl/Tk.

Four different kinds of ways to place widgets inside a window.

Web 2.0 and AJAX

The code of the programs I've shown can be found here: AJAX programs

  1. HTTP
  2. HTML
  3. CGI
  4. Forms
  5. GET vs. POST
  6. JavaScript
  7. SPAN and DIV
  8. WEB 2.0
  9. UGC, Wikis, Tags, BLOG-Podcast-Vlog, Social Network, Mashups, RSS - time line
  10. AJAX

- Introduction to CGI, GET and POST (What we had before Web 2.0). Examples on:

- General characteristic of Web2.0 - one of which is: AJAX.

- The Javascript used in Ajax: GetXmlHttpObject

- Example with regular perl

- I forgot to show CGI::AJAX but it's not hard to see it's benefits after you understand regular AJAX.

Web 2.0 Examples:

Flickr Flickr Mashups Google Gadgets


Google Suggest

Editing parts of an HTML with CGI

See the page Editing parts of an HTML with CGI

Using perl to send Emails

See the page Perl and SMTP

PPT: Internet_Protocols_intro.ppt

Partly related: Simple server with perl

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