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Here are a few simple tips for editing the wiki.

Feel free to add more.

For detailed guides to MediaWiki software see:

(N.B.: Wikipedia is heavily customized, so there may be minor technical differences between Wikipedia and this site.)

Hint: Click "Edit" at the top of the page. Reading the code of this page will give you some more tips :)

Adding a link to another page in this wiki

  • Simple link:

[[Main Page]]Main Page

  • Using a different text as a link - notice the | character:

[[Main Page|Take a look at out lovely main page!]]Take a look at out lovely main page!

N.B.: Page names are case sensitive.

Adding a link to a web page

  • Very simple link, not so nice:


  • Giving a name to a link, notice the space after the URL:

[ Larry Wall's homepage]Larry Wall's homepage

  • Linking an email address - just like `http://'</code>, but with `mailto:':

[ Frodo Baggins' email]Frodo Baggins' email

Talk page

Talk pages are used to discuss articles and contact other users.

When you write something at a talk page, sign your name by writing --~~~~. This will expand to your name and date. (You need to fill your name and nickname in the preferences to make this feature work correctly).

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