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Jerusalem Perl Mongers

We are a Perl user-group located in Jerusalem.

We are Perl programmers, who love this language and are here to help each other by discussing several topics in our mailing list and in our monthly meetings.

We work in a full co-operation with, which is the Israeli Perl Monger's Group.

Jerusalem Perl Mongers meetings take place regularly every month. Our next meeting is planned for March, 2007.

Anyone who wants to volunteer to speak at any meeting or has any ideas whatsoever on the subject or wants a login for this wiki is invited to write to

Write ideas for lectures or topics of future meetings to the Community Portal

Lectures should be interesting to most levels of Perl knowledge, although this is difficult at times. They should be short enough to be over in 50 minutes including questions and comments which are encouraged, and long enough to be dragged out to at least 40 minutes.

To see what we have been doing go to Previous meetings

Write interesting and useful code on new pages and link to here.

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