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Contents Meeting November 21, 2007

There are always problems and complications, but the important thing is not to repeat last month's errors. For a change, there was no problem with the projector, but there was with the conference room. Someone asked if they could have the room until 6:30, but probably much earlier. I thought that would be all right because the meetings usually don't start until 6:10 or 6:15 anyway. At the maximum, we could have our meeting in the kitchen/hallway and then start the talks at 6:30. This was a big mistake. Many were ready a little after 6 and someone even went home because he didn't see us in the room. We kept sticking our heads in but they had a confence call. Finally at 6:30 they weren't even ready to leave. They asked if we could use the small conference room, but there was a problem to connect to the internet. These kinds of technical things have to be set up before-hand. Finally they left at about 5 to 7. In the future if anyone wants the room that I reserved, I will tell them to use another room. Also if a meeting that was scheduled for before drags on, we just all walk in and sit down. After all of that it was a nice meeting anyway. Guy began his talk at 19:00. A lot of us learned new things that had connections with previous lectures on the web.


כל ההרצאות בעברית

  • 18:00 - A Hash Cookbook - Rina Ron
  • 18:50 – Break
  • 19:00 - Meeting
  • 19:10 – Breaking down the Web into Smaller Pieces -Guy Barsheshet
  • 20:00 – The End



Exlibris, Malcha Technological Park (Jerusalem) - Building 9, 4th floor - Large meeting room


כיבוד קל burekas, cake, fruit, soft drinks


Free of charge


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