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Contents Meeting December, 2007

The planning for this month's meeeting was really complicated ! Everyone had an excuse for not speaking. Even me ! Issac came to the rescue. After many emails we also got a guest speaker. They were both great. I always say that even a beginner can speak and really everyone has something interesting to say, but it was a real treat to hear 2 experts.


כל ההרצאות בעברית

  • 18:00 - How to use PayPal to take online payments using Perl - Issac Goldstand
  • 18:50 – Break
  • 19:00 - Meeting
  • 19:10 – Stop leaks with Devel::Events - Extensible instrumentation framework - Yuval Kogman
  • 20:00 – The End



Exlibris, Malcha Technological Park (Jerusalem) - Building 9, 4th floor - Large meeting room


כיבוד קל burekas, cake, fruit, soft drinks


Free of charge


send email to

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