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Contents Meeting February 23, 2009

We had a nice turnout for this meeting. It was very interesting getting to know Shlomi [1] and listening to his "words of wisdom". At the start of his talk, he asked for different ways to solve a simple programming problem in perl. He got about 6 ways, but then came up with at least 6 more. After a short discussion, and break we heard David expand on a ppt from the internet called "why perl sucks" and 2 other papers exploring some of the defects in Perl. We had a new visitor to our meeting called Zohar, but unfortunately he had little time to enjoy it as we ended a little early this time


  • 18:00 - There are Too Many Ways to Do it - Shlomi Fish ( a special guest speaker )


  • 18:50 – Break
  • 19:00 - Meeting
  • 19:10 - What is wrong with Perl and what can be done about it - David Gang


  • 20:00 – The End



Exlibris, Malcha Technological Park (Jerusalem) - Building 8, 4th floor - Large meeting room


כיבוד קל burekas, tangerines, soft drinks, nuts


Free of charge


send email to

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